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March 1st, 2013, 07:36 AM
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The lower sperm count sways pink not blue.

Yep, that's what I said

You also forgot lifestyle affects. Very little to no exercise sways pink while moderate or a lot of exercise sways blue (any muscle building exercises). Weight loss sways pink.
Yes, I left this out. I do think muscle building sways boy. But for me, weight GAIN has always swayed girl. (I was also 20lbs heavier when I conceived my girls and borderlining on having an eating disorder when I conceived my boys).

I did put in there about losing weight and low everytihing diet swaying girl, though, even though I didn't use that. Maybe you scanned over that part?

Cereal doens't sway blue, eating breakfast sways because it raises your blood sugar levels.
Many mommas have used the "cereal diet" to sway blue, but yet, skipping breakfast sways pink and eating breakfast sways blue too

(I don't think anyone in my DDC was affected by the October Effect, but statistically it seems to sway VERY slightly). I think it has more to due with weather though. We live in Florida so not sure OE would effect us anyway.

Different types of stress sway differently. Competition sways blue, as people can be "stressed about winning" or perfectionalism. The kind of stress associated with feeling like a victim sways pink though. I do say to avoid stress altogether when swaying pink though to be safe. I can post the study that shows stress can sway girl though

Breastfeeding does sway pink (by reducing fertility). Antihistamines sway pink because of how it affects your CM. Timing I didn't put here because I don't believe in for the same reasons you say.

Frequent release sways pink AND withdrawal sways pink, but you can do one or the other and still sway pink.

I also advise against using spermicide if you don't want to be TTC forever

It might be confusing because I put "swaying for girl" in my post but i do have a LITTLE swaying for blue in this post, too. I know more about swaying girl, though

I've taken this information and made a questionnaire from which I can guess how likely someone is to have a certain gender. So far, my "leans" have been right 8/9 times
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