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March 1st, 2013, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by .:fearless:. View Post
Kegals and squats?? I have had 4 kids and while sometimes that urge hits and I have got to GO right that moment, I don't have a problem enough that I need to wear a diaper. I think if I did, I would mention it to a dr. That extreme is not normal.
I think you misread my post. I will tinkle a tiny amount if I am caught off guard (say the size of a quarter) if I cough or sneeze really hard when I am pregnant. Having a baby on my bladder plus hormones makes it way worse than when I am not pregnant.

I hardly call that "extreme"... but I don't have any pads on hand to wear while I am sick & having coughing fits and sneezing fits every two seconds so a depends fit the bill for me.

Glad you don't have any issues with tinkling when you sneeze, yay for you!
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