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March 1st, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Thank you for the comments ladies

9 weeks & 5 days March 01 2013
There isn't much that has changed since my last entry. But I wanted to log this because for the first time today I definitely felt baby move!! It still feels insane that I can feel him/her this early! I felt the little fluttery ticklish early movement feeling low down on my belly near my pubic bone while driving in to work this AM. I think I felt him/her again later in the day as well. It's an incredible feeling and I never thought I'd get this lucky and feel baby this early. Nausea wise, its on and off. I had a few good days with the most nausea only late in the evening, but today I've had it bad since this morning and I've had to take zofran 4 mg twice so far. I had this craving for 'Uzhundha vadai' and I called DH and let him know. He's picking up some from the Indian grocery store this evening yay! And I love that I made it to work every day this week and yay its the weekend. My pubic/pelvic pain is still there...slowly getting worse, but not too bad yet. I know that's going to change soon. I've also been getting the dreaded head aches. Had one last night and again this afternoon Hope those don't progress to the all day migraines like I had with Lekha! That's it for this update
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