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March 1st, 2013, 02:18 PM
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This isn't so much a meal as it is an appetizer...

Cheese Dip for Tortillas

Velvetta cheese (1 block, the bigger one I think it's 2 lbs)
1 large can enchilada sauce mild (they don't make the large can in hot)
1 small can enchilada sauce hot (only way they package it)
1 can rotel tomatoes (whichever can floats your boat - I like original)
1 lb ground beef (I do not eat red meat, but put it in for others)

low heat for up to 6 hours

I have put chicken in it instead, but my son didn't like that.

I prefer it meatless with added diced tomatoes and pour it on my chips like nachos. Then I slap on sour cream, black olives, anything I feel like
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