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March 1st, 2013, 04:50 PM
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Hi everyone! I am brand new to this site, however I needed some guidance. On January 27, I had a really bad AF cramp (lasted only a few seconds) which actually woke me up that morning, I ran to the bathroom because I thought I had started early, however, only to find nothing there. I went back to bed and when I got up still nothing, no cramps, nothing. Later on that evening I went to the bathroom to find a pink streak of blood on the toilet paper after wiping (sorry TMI). A few hours later I went back to the bathroom and there was absolutely no blood whatsoever. Three days passed (Jan30) when a light period came on and lasted for 4 days (normal length for me). I am now 6 days late with absolutely no sign of AF nor am I experiencing any sort of pregnancy symptoms. I am planning on testing tomorrow morning if nothing happens, but I really want to know if you all think I could be pregnant? Have any of you all ever gotten a BFP with no symptoms at all other than a missed period? Thank you all so much for your help! My husband and I haven't actually started "trying" yet, but we are no longer using contraceptives (I stopped birth control two years ago, we had been using the pull out method up until June of last year). We would be so HAPPY if I was pregnant!
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