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March 1st, 2013, 10:04 PM
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Can I give some advice as a preschool teacher? Just to make things easier for all?

Try to talk to the teacher ahead of time about coming in on the first day during an unstructured time (like free play) so that you can take your time introducing your child to the teacher and a few kids. Make sure to build time into this visit to tour the room (with your child "finding" all the treasures). Play for a few minutes with them. While you're doing this keep reminding your child that you're going to do "x, x, x" with them and then you'll go. If you have an easy going child I would recommend starting the drop off/pick up at the same times that you will always do the drop-off/pick-up. If you have a child that you know will struggle with being in a new environment i would encourage you to do a few half days so as to reassure the child that you ARE coming back for them. You can stretch out each day by an hour to help reach your pick-up goal.

When it comes time for you to actually leave the room do so PROMPTLY. I know it is hard to leave your child who is anxious and probably very scared! I see it all the time and I've been through it myself. But it is absolutely the BEST for them for you to give them a good hug and a kiss and then LEAVE. Don't linger. Don't respond to their "STAY!" demands, don't look in through the door or come and go for a while. Trust me, this only prolongs their upset and makes things MUCH MORE WORSE. And your drop-offs will stay that difficult for a very long time. If you must watch your child to see that they're being cared for (the teacher is acting sensitively to them) then watch from the front desk cameras (if they have them) or call within an hour. It is normal and natural for the first 2 weeks for your child to go through an adjustment period. If after 2 weeks your child is not responding well to the room then it will be time to talk to the teacher about a new strategy (maybe adjusting drop-off time during a group activity instead or, even better, outside time). In the over 4 years that I have been working with very young children we rarely have children who continue to struggle after 2 weeks. Usually by the end of the first week they're old pros and barely look back as their parents leave.

Also, make sure you have at LEAST 2 complete changes of clothing (shirts, pants, underwear, socks, etc). Even if your child is the dream potty trained kid. They will still spill milk, or someone will spill it on them, they'll fall in mud, paint will get on them, etc. DO NOT DRESS YOUR KID IN VERY NICE CLOTHES! They're in preschool and their learning is MESSY. If you want to take your kid out immediately after school and want them to look nice PLEASE tell the teacher so they can change your child or take extra precautions.

PLEASE don't pack a toy that makes any kind of noise (squeaks, voices, etc) for nap time. OH MY LORD! You feel like a complete monster taking their toy away but after the 5th time of Mickey Mouse screeching "IT'S TIME TO SING A SONG!" and waking up the rest of the classroom it becomes necessary.

I have a lot more things to add but they're more specific things and not really general advice things. Plus I'll end up whining/complaining and no one wants to hear that, lol.

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