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March 2nd, 2013, 07:10 AM
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It has been too long since my last post, but I have some good news! After TTC for a year with no doctors help, just research and trying everything possible, we are finally in the "all-aboard" stage. Yesterday, I eagerly, went to the OBGYN. I was so nervous that I might have PCOS and if so, what my options were. We sat and talked about all the things DH and I tried over the course of the year. The doc and I came to the conclusion that Im not ovulating, which I already knew. But I was still very nervous about whether or not I was healthy and free from PCOS. So we then went to an examination room. He did his thing and I laid there praying. After all of about 1 min., he was done! He left the room and came back with papers. He told me to go back to charting and temping but while doing that, that days 3-7 of my cycle I would need to take Clomid. He said I was healthy and there was no PCOS, I just wasnt ovulating. What a relief!!! Before he prescribed it to me, he asked "are you ok with twins?", I said ABSOLUTELY!!! So Im waiting for my next period to start so that I can get this baby making business going and Im praying to God we get the bean to stick!!! So i was wondering, how many of you are on Clomid, how long have you been on Clomid, and has anyone gotten preg the first month taking it?

Im praying we all get the positive quickly!

God Bless
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