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March 2nd, 2013, 08:59 AM
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I don't know how many males would actually be on a website like this to be able to answer my question. But I have googled and googled looking for an answer and have come up with nothing, so I thought I would ask here and maybe at least get an opinion. I'm going to try to tone down being graphic.

So after intercourse when a man "goes" usually they are quite sensitive down there. My husband and I were dtd and at one point I thought he was about to go and shortly after he said he had to stop because he was too sensitive. He said the only time he has ever felt like that was afterwards. So my question would be if anyone knows of or has heard of a man getting that same sensitive feeling without actually "going"?

Little reason why I'm asking...
My husband and I have been married 5 years, I have been off any kind of birth control for three years now. In the past we have had little arguments over the whole to have a baby or not thing. In my mind I sort of have a cut off age for having a baby, don't know if this is normal for other women, and I am peaking that age. And I have a daughter from a previous relationship that will be 7 soon so I often think about the age gap. I know that shouldn't be an issue but I am the youngest in my family with my oldest sibling being 13 years older me and my youngest sibling still being 10 years older than me, and always felt like I missed out on a close sibling relationship and never really wanted the same thing like that for my children. For some reason the whole baby talk is not something my husband likes to talk about but has said he would be ok if it just happened. So I don't really want to ask him anything straight out. But I am kind of wondering if he decided on his own that now is the right time, which wouldn't bother me, or if this whole sensitive sensation really does happen to guys even though he says its never happened to him.

I know one of the first questions might be something like, "you can't tell? Wasn't there leakage?" Trust me I thought about that. We have been doing the pull out method so long that it was never an issue so when this came about I also googled why there wouldn't be leakage. And one answer I found was that if you are having lots of intercourse (this being us) then the males "amount" would be less, meaning possibly little to none.

P.S. and for those curious this happened yesterday and I am ovulating today. Another reason this has peaked my curiosity. Sorry so long.
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