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March 2nd, 2013, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by ~~Que~~ View Post
I've gotta say that I'm pretty sure this is an old wives tale. Having attended many c-sections and studied the procedure at length, there is not time or the resources available to give a proper tummy tuck. I could see maybe dealing with a little bit of extra skin, but there will be no mending of muscles and no actual repair. Plus, the uterus is still at the level of the belly button at the time of delivery and it would be impossible to get great results. I'd say that if a care provider was advertising this, then run. OBs are not trained in this sort of surgery and that sounds like a marketing gimmick.
well it doesnt sound like an old wives tale to me if its actually be done! and its NOT a tummy tuck its like a skin tightening thing or something. Logical sense would tell me that a "tummy tuck" would not be good timing during a c-section!

Im still going to talk to my doc about though and although Im very thankful for all my children, I still would not mind getting a little help with my tummy as long as it doesnt interfere with anything else and there were no other complications.
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