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March 2nd, 2013, 08:27 PM
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I am also strangely excited about labor. It's hard to explain, I guess it's because the labor and delivery portion are just other chapters to add in the story of my life. Each delivery has been different for me, and actually, I have found my deliveries to somehow represent how my children are even today.

For instance: my first son had to be forced out! I was induced, and he didn't want to budge at all. Finally after threatening me with a c-section, he decided to come out quickly. This is similar to his personality today, he doesn't want to wake up, he takes his precious time doing EVERYTHING, I have to beg and plead with him until he finally decides he is ready!

2nd son came a little early at 37 weeks. His labor needed a little pitocin because we stalled a little, but in the end I literally didn't have to push him out. This baby came out while I was laughing, seriously. What's funny about this is that this kid has been making us laugh ever since, he's quirky. He was also born at lunch time 12:05pm to be exact, I see the resemblence here because this little guy is ALWAYS hungry! He's all about food, loves to eat and especially loves to take in the flavor of foods he is eating.

Baby 3, also came early. He was born at 6:24am and was the quickest delivery. He came fairly fast. The resemblence here is that he has always been a morning person, and he has always been extremely active!

So, with how each labor and delivery has been and resulted in the personalities that followed, I am anxious to see what this new little guys story will be. Will he also have some kind of connection with his delivery and personality???

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