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March 3rd, 2013, 06:18 AM
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My son will be a few months shy of 3 when the baby is born. All we have right now is a nice umbrella stroller that won't work for a newborn baby. We have a Corolla, so not a ton of trunk room for a stroller. Do you have any advice for transporting your little ones at this stage? I'm thinking about...

--Babywearing the NB and using the stroller for DS1 when he must be contained. But will I wake DS2 up when transferring him from carseat to sling? Will he re-settle?
--Buying a suitable stroller for a NB and having DS1 walk. But how often will I have to quickly ditch DS2 to chase DS1?
--Buying a stroller that both kids can be strapped into. But will it fit in the trunk? Will one kid have a terrible view? Is it really necessary?

I'm interested in your thoughts and experiences.
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