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March 3rd, 2013, 07:03 AM
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We'll see if I can even remember to make the time for meditation. I feel like there is always so much going on! I did buy a couple cloth diapers yesterday

Too bad about pizza fusion, but I hear you about not wanting to pay all that for a bite of pizza You could probably make your own, but I know that's not always ideal. sometimes I get a hankering for homemade pizza though.

I didn't get writing done. I wasted time surfing the web... but I finally, for real this time, settled on my cloth diapering system, so as soon as I get paid I can buy stuff.

You aren't a bad DDC member. We all participate as we can. You an excellent DDB, I'll tell you that! LOL

Yay for finally looking pregnant! 18 weeks is much better for me than the first trimester and the early second trimester was. I can't believe I'm halfway done (well, for me, mine always come early). I feel so unprepared still. I NEED to get paid.
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