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March 3rd, 2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by MarylandMama View Post
Hahaha, I tell people that stuff all the time. I spent 4 years working at the preschool where she will be going. I know all to well all of the things parents do that drive the teachers nuts. DD is great about settling into new environments and being around new people. She doesn't cry for me to leave, not clingy at all (sometimes I wish she did!). And I never give in to crying demands. It's against my behavioral training. I am also all about labeling all of her items, no toys at all, except a silent stuffy for nap time, no food they have to prepare, and plenty of extra clothes, just in case. I only dress her nice for church, as a rule. Having worked there for so long and knowing the people so well, I know what they will want to kick my butt for and will be super careful to be extra considerate. She has visited there with me before when I stopped by to say hi, so she loves it already. She actually cried when we left. And she is excited about the prospect of going to school. I think I will have a harder time than she will! They also have an end of summer party every year and invite incoming families so the kids can get a look around and meet each other. It's going to be awesome for her and I feel good about it since I know the staff so well. It's just hard to see my baby grow up so fast!
Did you ever get the family who brought their little girl in a pure white, lacy, ruffled dress with dress shoes and lacy socks? It was absolutely maddening. She didn't have another change of clothing in her cubby so all day she really couldn't do anything. She couldn't play in the grass, paint, go down the slide, etc. I forget WHY her parents brought her in like that but they said they didn't have time to change her out after pick-up. I remember telling them that I would prefer that next time they tell us what time they'll pick her up and WE'LL change her.

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