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March 3rd, 2013, 10:58 AM
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Because your first instinct was to immediately make those lifestyle changes to support the growth of your child that tells me you already know what you want to do. Right now you're struggling with how to make it public and how to deal with your close connections. Don't confuse how the world will perceive your pregnancy with what you want to do for yourself. That's not a reason to have an abortion, it's an excuse to avoid being uncomfortable.

My advice is to go see your doctor to talk about your health and the baby's health. Ask to have a low level ultrasound (many offices have them right there and you don't have to make an appointment and at 8 weeks you'll see a lot ). Once you know the facts about how YOUR body is handling it and you see that medically there is no reason to end the pregnancy you will feel stronger in your decision to continue the pregnancy. Your baby is already here. You're already pregnant. Damage done. People can and WILL accept that.

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