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March 3rd, 2013, 12:53 PM
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Hi, hopefully all your thinking and planning for the next cycle is unnecessary because the 0.1% will win and you are indeed preggo!! but Iím know what itís like to have doubts and plan so I wanted to share a little more of my story with you since Iím had some of the same thoughts as you...anyway...

I also have a December baby, he was born very early on the 26th, so I still refer to him as my Christmas baby. So when my DH and I decided to try again, I was 35 and thought it would just happen (DS was first cycle after coming off BCP for 4 years, pregnant even before I had my first post BCP AF). We were old so I figured it would happen as quickly so we were kind of NTNP, but actually preventing during certain times to avoid things like having another December baby, or I didnít want a baby due around our anniversary, things like that....but after a year and a half or so of that and no pregnancy I learned about charting, and while learning about charting I read some things about gender swaying, and talked to DH about that so decided hey, if we are only going to have 2 why not try to sway for a girl this time, so I charted and we did things like cutting off closer to O and I even did the vinegar douche thing once, all in hopes of actually getting pregnant ..doesnít make since now and I almost cry thinking about how that most likely actually kept me from getting pregnant, when even though a girl is a nice thought, we want a BABY regardless of gender...

Anyway, flash forward 4 year and Iím now knocking on 40ís door, two IVF cycles and still no baby, there was maybe one quick fraction of a fraction of a second when both DH and I thought to skip doing our FET this month to avoid a December baby...but all the obstacles weíve gone through we will not avoid for things like due date...especially because I am trying to prepare and plan myself for the fact that this FET is not guaranteed to work, so planning for that future just in case it doesnít work, and will possible be able to do another IVF cycle before 40...(PRAYING this FET works, but preparing for the worse)

Only you and your DH knows the answer to your question about avoiding a December due date, but just wanted to tell you be careful about holding off too long, with fertility you just donít know whatís going to happen, but there is definite a clock ticking

Sorry for so long....

BABY BOY due June 6

Me 40 DH 42 with an amazing 15yo DS
TTC #2 NTNP starting in 2009
actively TTC (BBT and OPKs) 2011
natural BFP Feb 2012, ending in mmc Apr with d&c in May
IVF Sep 2012, 4 eggs retrieved, 2 mature, 1 fertilized, but showed abnormal
growth, so not suitable for transfer
Nov 2012 IVF take 2 = 3 embryos, but due to concerns with lining unable to transfer
Jan 2013 endometrial biopsy = normal
Mar FET transferred 2 beautiful embryos, but unfortunately BFN
moving to donor eggs fall of 2013
Septemeber 30, 2013 - surprise BFP while waiting for DE
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