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March 3rd, 2013, 03:02 PM
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Congrats and welcome!

I've had more ultrasounds than I had planned but I started having painful contractions at 15 weeks and a short cervix so they wanted to monitor me closely. I also had a low lying placenta and needed an ultrasound to clear me for a home birth. I don't think 3 ultrasounds is too many, but personally I would have wished for only 1-2, dating if necessary and anatomy. I'm hoping my next pregnancy to only have 1 if necessary since gender doesn't matter to me and neither would an anomaly, but I would like to be prepared for such.

In the end do what you are comfortable with. But if you know your conception date then an early ultrasound isn't critical. I'd probably forego the 3d as well and have an anatomy scan at 18-19 weeks instead.

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