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March 3rd, 2013, 06:57 PM
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I'm pumped!
Although both of my previous labors were kind of long, about 12 hours each, they weren't horrible. I WAS the screaming lady that everyone on my floor heard during early labor with my first son, but that's because they wouldn't give me my epi. When they finally did, I progressed quickly & smoothly, 3 good pushes & out he flew. My second son was an easier labor but a longer pushing process because he had flipped face up and got caught on my pelvic bone. Still not a bad experience.
I am looking forward to labor & delivery but what I'm MOST excited about is the first minutes, hours & days afterwards that I get to spend being taken care of by nurses while I bond with my new baby. I can NOT wait for the first time nursing, the first skin to skin contact we get, the first diaper & the first time she opens her eyes to my face. That's what I am most excited about
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