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March 3rd, 2013, 08:38 PM
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Aimee, I've had a lot more as well. After I looked some stuff up it makes more sense but yes still crazy! Here's to hoping AF comes late and your transfer will happen on your schedule Good Luck with everything, you're already off to a good start since you have your snowbabies!

Clover, we haven't told our families either and much for the same reason. Actually I don't really thing DHs family would really care but don't really want to tell one and not the other. My family is also a little "nosey" and my mom can't keep a secret to save her life and she has a very big family. I'm not really interested in anyone having an opinion on whether of not IVF is a good thing. I kinda figure I'm going to do this whether or not anyone thinks its a good idea. I'm a little harsh because my family was also not very supportive of me getting married simply because DH and I have different religious views not because of who he is or how he treats me. Needless to say they now really like him act as though they were never against it. Sorry if I've made this sound negative, its just all part of what goes on in my head with my decision making these days. I also don't want to have to answer questions all the time about how it works and if it worked yet. I'll probably share about everything once I get my BFP but until then its easier for me keep it to myself. I also have told a few friends, but only the ones that know me very well and will be very supportive and encouraging.

AFM: Today has been kinda rough, I think I can feel the follies growing on my ovaries. I had a good morning and went to church, then DH and I went to lunch and shopping for groceries. As we were getting groceries I started feeling crappy, my stomach was feeling tender, ovaries hurting, and really tired. I just sat in the truck while he finished our errands and once we got home I took about a 2 hour nap. I'm kinda thinking I over did it a little yesterday, it was a beautiful day outside and I wasn't inside much. I did some yard work, washed my car, took a 2 mile walk with my dog, and took my motorcycle for a short ride. It was the first day that really felt like spring all year and I was wearing shorts and a tank top most of the day. I'm a warm weathered girl, I wouldn't survive in that east coast blizzard a few weeks ago.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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