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March 3rd, 2013, 08:49 PM
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wow - I always thought I was organized but you guys put me to shame.

a few things I do: I have a two-drawer plastic Rubbermaid-style cabinet in my closet that hold our bath towels and our sheets. I have a linen closet upstairs that holds same for those two bedrooms and the bathroom.

I also have a 5-drawer rolling cabinet (again like Rubbermaid) that I put all the family meds in. I label each drawer; colds, pain meds, band-aids etc, asthma meds, and general supplies. that way I can keep most of the stuff in my closet in one place. I have a tin bread-box on my kitchen counter with my daily meds in it as well as Wyatt's for when he is here (that way you cant see all the bottles and it looks tidy but its handy).
things have changed so much now that all the kids are gone. one thing I used to do was have one of those big Rubbermaid (see a pattern here?) rectangle containers with a lid -- big like a suitcase I guess. I labeled one for each kid and then I went through and put photos in, school work, report cards, anything special. I kept them stacked in the garage and added to them when necessary. when they moved out, I gave them each the box of their memories/stuff.

aside from that, I can't think of anything special.
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