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March 3rd, 2013, 10:01 PM
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i dont think she will mind sharing her birthday month as long as you emphasize her birthday is HER day, you know? no different than having a baby april 30th 2011, and then may 1 2013 - different months, but one day after the other - kids don't care that much, as long as they have their own special day

My husband's family has a TON of december birthdays - starting on dec 18th and one every day up through the 31st (my husband is the 27th and his cousin was born ON christmas) and his family always made it a HUGE deal to never celebrate the days together. He never got birthday presents for christmas mixed in, and he still got the same amount of gifts as his siblings did for his birthday and for Christmas(i think he probably got a couple extra just because his parents wanted to empasize that it didn't matter to them that he was born 2 days after Christmas, the 27th was still HIS day) ...

His cousin with the christmas birthday, got christmas breakfast, a birthday breakfast, and then they had the traditional big christmas lunch and she got to pick whatever she wanted for dinner, or they would wait and go out the next day if that's what she wanted, but that wasn't a big deal because they usually wait to go out for her brother's birthday just so it's fair. they had Christmas gifts in the morning, then she got the birthday celebration in the afternoon. they are a pretty religious family, so they ate lots of birthday cake - one for beth, one for jesus

That being said, the biggest thing for me would be the financial constraint of it all - but i would just learn to shop smart and shop EARLY, especially for the kids celebrating birthdays in december. i wouldnt let that stop me from getting a baby bump!

Good luck mommacita, i say go for it you will never look at your december baby and go "man i wish we would've waited a couple more months for you"

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