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March 4th, 2013, 06:40 AM
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I used to be the same way. Not sure why I started craving homemade pizza over the last year. Maybe because the pizza in Florida is SO TERRIBLE. You are so lucky to have traveled so much. Prague is somewhere I always wanted to visit--and now I know they make great pizza?! Drats. We had good pizza where I grew up but here it's just terrible. The place in Prague and the view? AMAZING! Man, I really want to go.

Yes, babies ARE expensive. I always forget how the little stuff adds up! I love thrift shops. There's one in walking distance to me that I need to check out. No writing. I just decided I need to do it during the day, because I'm so tired at night with pregnancy, so my husband is going to take over the kids in full (instead of just helping out LOL) for 2 hours a day while I write. Maybe on the days I don't write daytime I will write at night, but this way I get two opportunities. Like today we will be busy from noon to 6pm. And tomorrow I have a midwife appt and then daughter has ballet. It's a busy week, but I NEED to make time. I hate procrastinating, yet I keep doing it

Got my "Honest Company" stuff by the way! Amazing! The "healing balm" is fantastic. Been using it for my chapped lips (works great!) and on my daughter's nose/upper lip (she has a cold and it was getting raw from blowing her nose so much). It gives her immediate relief and has, indeed, been healing the area from being so chapped. The shampoo/body wash smells AMAZING! Laundry soap--we will see! I just tried it so we'll see how the clothes come out of the wash, but I'm pretty sure it's unscented (I like scented, but unscented is probably better for skin, so CLEAN is most important). Diapers are super cute and soft, too.
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