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March 4th, 2013, 07:15 AM
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Vent about this weekend:

We went to go visit our furbaby Thor for our last visit before we bring him home and it was great, had an amazing time, played with him for over an hour took some pics with him and then when we left. . . DH said he thinks he is allergic!!! We went to play with him before we bought him over a month ago just to make sure DH was okay and he didn't really have much reaction, but this time his throat itched and he coughed the whole way home.

I am so heartbroken - I feel like we can't have anything we want and I also feel like all we ever do is tell our family and friends exciting news about adding a new member to our family and then tell them later oh never mind that didn't work out I know this is totally different than our loss but for some reason it is bringing up all the old feelings.

I still want him so bad - I feel like a child. Obviously I don't want my husband to suffer for the next 20 years but I have already completely feel like this little guy is ours I have already bought things for him and done all the research and made him the background on my phone. . . yeah I am crazy but I have never had a pet and I was so crazy excited.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel like nothing is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for my ranting. . .

Cautiously expecting Seamonkey #2 Due Oct 4th

Missing our angels:
Molar pregnancy loss (12 weeks) - 1/2013
Missed Miscarriage (10 weeks) - 6/2013
Early Miscarriage (5 weeks) - 12/2016

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