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March 4th, 2013, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by KtKuKi View Post
I'm here. Due Saturday, not that I think I'll be having him then, but I am hoping for sometime in the 40th week. Although I've accepted it could be 42 weeks. Now if I get to 42 weeks, and still no baby, I might be crying! DD was born at 41+1 so hopefully this little guy will be the same or earlier.

I will definitely be sharing my birth story here, as long as all goes as planned. I was so sad when I couldn't share DD's story here. I don't have a belly pic, but I want to take one this week, so if I remember I'll come back and post it. I just saw a friend who is 28 weeks pregnant, and she has a bigger belly than me! My midwife said I just hold him in or something!
It sounds like you have a great birth team and plan in place, so I have full confidence you will succeed at your goal of a NCB! But even if you don't, please come back and share your birth story! Every birth is worth celebrating, even when they don't go as planned I'm excited for you!!

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