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March 4th, 2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by icandothis View Post
So much was running thru my head too when I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks ago. I went from "I cant do this" to "am I ready for this" to "what will my parents think". I had scheduled an abortion for Feb 28th this past Friday and my heart just saying "dont kill your baby" to "you can do this" to "am I financial capable" to "now you playing with god" to "where is your faith". So I decided to keep it and I wont tell my parents until Im ready because my mom will just fill my head with negative thoughts like "you can have a baby anytime" to "your man not even working right now" to "Im not helping" to "here you go messing up your life".

I wish you the best in what ever you choose and to real about, aint nobody ready to have a baby financially unless you wealthy and even if you wealthy you might have the money but probably dont have the time to put in.
I always will recommend craigslist and online baby sale places for clothes.. I spent $150 so far and have my baby's clothes all lined up til 9 months.. Plus another $30 for storage bins.. Babies go through clothes sooo fast so its great to get them used.. You're going to be spending a lot on diapers.. but you have time to prepare. Im 18 weeks along (19 on Friday) and I am starting to relax now that I have a bassinet (I got for $30 used), a crib ($120 new on Amazon), and a whole bunch of stuff I have been getting little by little. A baby does cost a lot but Im thinking by the half way point I will be all set and ready for him to come and can relax some.. you can do it.. and I didn't even start shopping until I hit 12 weeks and it became real.. just my whole paycheck (I dont make much) went to it for a couple weeks.

Hundreds of dollars in clothes for $150.. from craigslist and thrift shops

Everything adds up.. but little by little isnt so bad.
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