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March 4th, 2013, 10:07 AM
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I hope that this is not a chemical either!

So here is an update! The only spotting I had was yesterday morning and through out the day I had EWCM with some brown streaks. The DH and I BDed last night and he didn't say that there was any spotting color!

There is a ton of EWCM today. I used the newer batch of wondfos that I got in the mail to test today just in case the others were a bad batch and I got the same line! AF is not due until towards the end of this month.

Yesterdays spotting scares me in the fact that the line on the test is not getting darker. Oh well...we can only wait and see. FRER is not picking anything up yet either. I am remaining skeptical. But everyone I talk to says they see lines!

There is also some low dull achey cramps that are very AFish. That is the other thing that worries me!
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