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March 4th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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I had to have a D&C for my first miscarriage, which happened at about 10 weeks. It was okay. In fact, I felt very cared for in the hospital, and knew that there were multiple people around to help me through it. I'm sure different OBs have different recommendations, but as I understood it, it's recommended to have a D&C if growth stopped after 8 weeks, since there's more risk of retained tissue.

Even with my second loss, which happened at 6 weeks, I used Cytotec and it took more than a week to pass everything. Had there been more/larger tissue and clots, it would have been that much harder and more worrisome.

It's so, so difficult. But in my situation, I knew it was over and the D&C was the right choice.
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