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March 4th, 2013, 02:15 PM
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Since its just me I am pretty strict about bed time. Momma is off duty at 8pm exactly in order to preserve my sanity. Her routine starts at 7:15. I have her clean up her toys, brush her teeth, pick two books for me to read, and then get into bed. I read her two books and then I say prayers. I then go watch important tv shows like The Bachelor, so my time schedule is strict due to important tv viewing. lol I allow her to read her books to her kitty in her room. She is allowed to come out of the room to use the bathroom one time. If she asks for something or leaves the room more than one time I take away netflix time the next day. I never give more than one chance or more than one warning. She falls asleep on her own "reading" to kitty.

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