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March 4th, 2013, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by eshute View Post
I've been told that it's not a good idea to have specialized equipment like this mostly because you can have a lot of false alarms and it adds to the worry more than anything. But then again, I went and got a pocket doppler after I was given the same advice and I'm glad I got it. I've heard though, that even with stuff like this that if SIDS happens, there's not much you can do about it. I'm still going back and forth about getting something like this as well, but most things so far simply say that keeping the baby in the same room, not having anything in the baby's sleeping area, making sure no one smokes around the baby, and being sure the baby sleeps on his/her back at all times are the best ways to prevent SIDS. I look forward to reading other reviews and input, though! Still not sure what I'm going to do.
In 99.9999% of the time you will not need it. I used it for about 6 months with each of our kiddos. The only false alarms I had was when I would pick our kid up without turning the alarm off first. This happens in the middle of the night when you are half asleep After 6 months when the child rolls to the corner the alarm then also can go off. When our children were really young (under 6 months) I never had a false alarm. I could not believe that it could really work so I tried placing a package of flour where the child would be placed to see what would happen. It really worked. I think the greatest value was that it gave peace to the parent. Kinda like the doppler.

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