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March 4th, 2013, 10:37 PM
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Its been a crazy past year for me. Its been a while since I have logged onto JM.
Anyways, so 8 years ago we dated for 6 months or so...then broke up. Well now 8 years later we are now together again. We are both 30 and I am flying out next month to see him. Well we don't like using protection. For the most part i would be excited if we ended up having a kid together. And we've been friends this whole time. But it does cross my mind if I am the only one who doesn't think this is crazy. Anyone else get pregnant early on in a relationship?
I am so nervous right now. We've talked about what if and everything else. So we are on the same page with that.
So i guess what I'm getting at is some advice or anyone share their stories..
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