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March 5th, 2013, 06:40 AM
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Glad things are going well Brie. Gauge sounds like he has something similar to what Addi had, it lasted 3-4 weeks for us and was horrible. I hope he starts feeling better soon.

I had my first ob appointment yesterday. It went great, baby measured 8w3d but my doctor calculated me at 8w0d and I calculated at 8w1d. He has me listed as due 10/14 but I told him I was still keeping it as 10/13 in my book lol. I get to find out the gender at 18 weeks, which is right before we go back to Hawaii. I told him about the homebirth, and although he isn't thrilled and did lecture me some he said it was my body and my choice and as long as the baby looked good on my 18w u/s he wouldn't try to stop me. I am having him do my anatomy scan because I trust him, honestly if I was delivering in Texas I would probably still have him deliver Addi and not do a homebirth because I love him so much lol. The only concern is that cutis aplasia runs in my family (it causes the skin to not form completely on the babies scalp so it looks like a little round burn on the scalp when they are born) the scalp thing isn't a big deal since they just treat it like a burn but apparently it can also be linked to babies not having hip sockets (my aunt had the scalp issue as well as no hip sockets, my little cousin who is 3 just had the scalp issue). Although you can't see the scalp part on the u/s, he said as long as the baby had hip sockets we were good to go.

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