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March 5th, 2013, 08:37 AM
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... First the good news... I had my last appointment with MFM today and my little sweetie is doing so well. He is 6lbs 2oz at 51st percentile. His heart rate is 142 and he was just as active as always. Plenty of fluid around him and just looking fantastic. He is head down with his back facing my belly.. And VERY low down. The tech had to go well below my pubic hair line just to get a measurement of his head. So he is perfectly in place for delivery. The doctor came in and said, "This baby couldn't get anymore perfect if he tried." I was so elated and happy!

Then we started to discuss my blood pressure problems and he sent me downstairs to the regular OB office with his report on the baby and he wanted them to check my urine and pressure and do another blood draw. Well my pressure was up again. 140/98 but I also had increased protein in my urine this time.

So the OB doctor reviewed everything with my MFM doctor and they concluded that I am definitely getting Pre-E.. its "mild" right now but its coming on and he said that they don't play around with Pre-E for any reason because when it gets bad its REALLY bad. So they have decided to induce me at 37 weeks now. Which is 1 week and 1 day away. He made another appointment for me on Thursday and another on tuesday for nonstress, blood draw and of course pressure and urine check. He said that if for any reason it gets more elevated than it is they will induce me.. but they want to get me to 37 weeks and they will induce me regardless at that point.

My husband and I tried to ask if there were any other avenues that we can take, if I could try blood pressure medications etc.. and they said if I were JUST having problems with my blood pressure they could try. But once Pre-E starts to rear its head its like "playing with fire" to delay the delivery. He said it's also complicated by the fact that I have diabetes and am advanced maternal age.

I started tearing up while talking to him because I didn't want them to take the baby so soon. But he said if I had NOTHING wrong and I went into labor on my own at 37 weeks they would do nothing to stop it at that point either because I am considered full term. He said that the baby is looking fantastic and is at a great weight as well so he will be ok at 37 weeks and the risk of Pre-E is too great for them to try to let him stay in longer.

They put me back on bed rest until then and I guess that I am having my baby soon. I'm so darn scared now and I'm trying not to worry and fret because that will only screw my pressure more.

What a day..........
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