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March 5th, 2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by stillwaiting View Post
I, too get preseed online ...i just got conceive plus this time around to see if it was any different.

You can take Evening primrose oil - I get the 1000mg capsules at walmart and I take 3 in am and 3 at night from CD10 until O. I also take Mucinex (same days CD10 on) , (just the regular Mucinex one, not MD, I ditto what Caitlin said, just the Guifesein (sp) one...)

I've also read that lemon water can help provide a more friendly environment. Eating carrots was another one I've heard.

Some Dr's don't suggest Femara, simply because it is a cancer drug and not "technically" fda approved for infertility. But if you are curious, I'd call her back and ask.

It's your body, if you think it's doing more harm than good, I'd say something. Were you monitored? You could check to see what your lining is like on it, and how many follicles you are getting with the clomid. Also, doing an IUI, could help, because if your CM is bad from the clomid, IUI's bypasses that issue.

Best of luck to you!

Ok I ordered the Preseed... should get it in pleantly of time... i was not monitored this last cycle but cycles before i was and my lining was good. I feel like i should try this round of clomid and if it doesnt work ask about femara next cycle

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