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March 5th, 2013, 02:23 PM
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I had never heard of them until we had our second son. I guess all of the women my husband works with bugged him about what he was getting me for a push present. They live in the fancy north suburbs of the city where things like that must be the norm. He ended up taking their advice. I would have been none the wiser if he had not bought me anything.

I sure as heck didn't complain! He bought me a beautiful David Yurman ring. My husband likes it because he now has something he knows he can buy me for big occasions. I've gotten several more pieces to match since then. I'm a big fan of David Yurman because I'm not a delicate person and his pieces are both beautiful and sturdy. My kids can yank on them all they want and they don't budge. David Yurman and travel are my two weaknesses.
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