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March 5th, 2013, 02:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Kiam View Post
It's a very new concept here and to be honest, I find it very distasteful and heavily degrading.

If women around the world find it okay to be petted on their head by their husbands, not unlike Farmer Hoggett in Babe when he says "That'll do pig" then presented with a shiny trinket for their efforts, then hey, they can go and enjoy that, but if my husband treats me as a fickle, materialistic creature who has just done him a service by "birthing his child" then his balls will be in a blender.

I just find it so cheap, is pregnancy and birth comparable to a pretty little knick knack?
lol lovely way of putting it but its not like that here.

Here its like a holiday when you have recovered from the birth. A post par spa visit or a massage. A friend of mine got a ring from her husband with 3 stones to signal her, her hubby and their first child. Another friend of mine her boyfriend paid for her tattoo of babys name and birth. Its a special thing between the couple to symbol their child like a ring for a marriage which I see as claiming someone..

Oh and here they dont call it a push gift. Thats a term America has adopted. Here they are the post maternity gifts. Tony wants to get me a locket on a gold chain with the babys first photo in.. I dont wear chains or the like and I would rather spend the money on a new stroller for next summer or something. kwim.
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