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March 5th, 2013, 06:06 PM
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It just let me log in with my old user name!!! WOOHOO!! I have missed you guys!!

I have been unable to log in since I changed my user name. Weird. I PMed and e-mailed people, but was only able to get in today by some fluke. I have missed you and want to post an update on Hugo's school in the TAG corner if it'll keep me logged in.

Hugo just got a special award in karate last week. He got the highest rank ever awarded in the little kids' class, and they gave him a speech and special applause for being the top of his class. They will be transitioning him to the pre-teen class over the next year since he's excelled... excited but nervous since those classes are longer, the kids will be much older and he'll have a competition option. He also plays his baritone horn using a band book and will be going to lessons at the university in the fall unless we get something lined up before then. Fall would be better, I'll be off mat leave. He's got some dress clothes for spring and is excited hoping he can wear them at a future concert!

Sergio is reading and doing easy math. He loves cooking still. He tries hard to do it independently... I'm always coming into the kitchen and intervening LOL.

Fiona is due in 7 weeks.

I am losing my mind at work!
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