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March 5th, 2013, 06:39 PM
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Thank you That's why we are thinking Mikah for the new baby, it goes along with changing the C to K. I'm sorry you guys are all so sick! Hopefully the dr can give you something to help. I just switched to the birth center about a month ago and the OB I was with before switching (the one I had from DS's pregnancy) was fricken horrible. She didn't even put me on bed rest when the problems were the worst and just said stuff like "you will either miscarry or not" ughh. The midwifes are much better and care much more, they are the ones who finally got me on bed rest and did the paperwork so DH could stay home for those few weeks. I was seeing the dr every two weeks or sometimes less if I had bleeding but now that things are looking better there is a month in between my appointments (which is a nice break, especially since the birth center is about an hour away) unless I have bleeding. They will do an ultrasound at around 25 weeks to make sure the SCH didn't get bigger and my placenta moved.

How are your doctor appointments? Are you using an OB? How do you like them?

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