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March 5th, 2013, 06:41 PM
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Hello Ladies! Im Rheanna and have a 14 month old son. My son was diagnosed in utero at 21 weeks with a congenital heart defect. Everything was planned and put in place because he was going to require medication and surgery after he was born. I was induced at 39w5d and it was a failed induction. He had to be born by a certain time because they made room for him in the CardiacICU at Children's Hospital and blah blah blah. I was scared out of my mind and at that point I didnt care about me I just wanted my baby to be ok. I was induced for over 36 hours and had no changes so the OB and I talked about how he needed to be born by such and such time and we both agreed that I was probably headed for a c-section, which I agreed to.

My c-section went great (as great as a c-section can go [I hated it]). I did my list of things before I could be discharged and was discharged 48 hours after he was born so I could go be with my baby. When he was born I didnt get to hold him, nurse him...NOTHING. I just got to lay there while they sewed me up telling him to be strong that mommy would be there as soon as possible.

That being said I missed out on everything with his birth, I want to experience everything child birth has to offer this time. I am currently 14w/2d pregnant and live in California. I am getting very discouraged as to finding a OB I like and one who supports VBACs. The one OB I have been seeing I am not fond of, and the hospital he delivers at has a 30% c-section rate. Im in the process of fighting with my insurance and getting a new OB. I found a office that has 4 OB's in their office that all support VBACs so I am hoping to be able to go to them, but that process will take a month or two.
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