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March 6th, 2013, 05:36 AM
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That's great that you don't have to go as often, it is a nice break! I am also using midwifes this time around and they are about 45 min away. With my first I had an OB and delivered in a hospital, he was a great OB and my delivery was still all natural with no interventions.

My second I really wanted a homebirth, but my family doctor talked me out of it and scared me about it uuggg! So I ended up with a OB I hated, who later commited suicide after being suspected of murdering his wife who was going after his for child support!

This time my family doctor tried to talk me out of the midwifes, but after I left his office I just havent gone back and got myself in with the midwifes! If all goes well I am hoping for a home birth! I see them today...hopefully as long as she doesn't rush off to a labor!

I also find that midwifes care more and are much more compassionate, where an OB well most are more clinical and just think in statistics. Which totally sucks were people with feeling and we stress over what and how they say things! I am glad your having a better experience at the birth center! There are none around or I might go there instead of a home birth....who knows if I would though because its not an option! Are you making a birth plan or just talking with them and taking it as it comes?

Thanks Jaidynsmum for the awsome siggy!

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