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March 6th, 2013, 06:49 AM
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Oh, yes!!!! We live at the pool in the summer and Bailey will definitely be getting in with me. It's too hot and humid here in the summer to be outside and not in some type of water, LOL.

I've never tested the newborn swimming, but I've seen so many videos that I believe it! As I said in the summer time thread, we do teach our kids to swim somewhere between one and two years, depending on where their bdays fall in the summer. Many people think that they are too young to really swim at that point, but they really can learn!!! I've had people shocked with each of the boys, scared as they'd watch them jump off the side, and then shocked when they'd swim to me or to the steps and get out themselves at 1-2 years old! For me, it's truly about safety. We teach them that the first thing they do when they get to a pool is to look for the stairs and ladders and know where they are. If they fall in, they are taught to swim to the side of the pool and pull themselves up. if they can pull themselves out on the side, they will...or they'll find the ladders or steps. If their too far to swim to, they know to hold on to the side, keep their head out and yell for help if they've fallen in. It's a good skill for them to learn early on. Also, they learn if all else fails, don't panic, and to roll on their backs and float to keep their head up. Mainly, not panicking is the main thing in the water!

By the time they're three, they actually start learning strokes vs. just moving through the water to get to the side or the steps/ladder.
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