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March 6th, 2013, 08:07 AM
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Excuse me for crashing your board. I'm due in early august, and I needed to ask a question to mamas who recently completed their screening; I though your board would all be done by now and best able to answer my questions.

I had what is called "Integrated Screening". This includes an NT scan at 11-13 weeks and taking a sample of PAPP-A, then more blood work at 15-16 weeks for AFP, hCG, uE3, and IhA.

Five out of every 100 women who take the test receive a positive result and are considered "screen positive." Most women with screen positive results will not have a baby with Down Syndrome.

I realize some people opt out of the screening entirely, so this question is for the mamas who opted in. I can understand why some people wouldn't want to know, since it wouldn't change their feelings for the baby. My knowing wouldn't change my feelings for this baby either, but as I have 2 kids with Autism, I want to know if we have a child with DS on the way so we can prepare. Also, ZERO judgement from me regarding what anyone here would choose, re: having the test or not and re: what they would do if they're baby-to-be had DS.

As for me, my NT scan was fine. My blood work came back "positive" for Down Syndrome. A positive screening with THIS test does not mean the baby has DS, but rather that you are outside the low risk category. My risk is 1 in 195 chance. I know that's not too bad, but naturally I have questions. I was given the option of amnio (100%) or blood test (99%). I opted for the blood test, as I didn't want to risk my water breaking during the amnio. I wish I had asked more questions at the time about what part of my blood test increased my risks...

Here are my questions for mamas who got a "screen positive" and opted for further testing...

1) What were your odds for down syndrome?
2) What were you results from the further testing?
3) Did you have a lost or vanishing twin, and if so, how long before your 1st blood test did you lose your twin?

The last question I ask because I had a vanishing twin and I have heard that can affect results, but I don't know if that was the case for me because I lost the twin at 6ish weeks and had my first screening at 11 weeks. Also, in that case the increased risk would be from higher than normal HcG, and I don't know if higher than normal HcG is why I received a higher risk on my screening or not, because I didn't ask for the specifics

Thanks in advance for any responses you ladies can offer.
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