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March 6th, 2013, 08:31 AM
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OMG! That's a crazy story about your OB! That's great that you're doing a home birth! I didn't even talk to my OB about switching because I knew she would say something, I just didn't schedule another appointment and faxed them the transfer papers, lol. I'm excited that my DDB is also doing a natural birth with midwives! We can support each other through it, I know I will need support to go natural! Only DH supports my decision, my whole family and everyone is completely opposite of me, I'm more of a "crunchy" mom. My step mom almost cried when I told her I was using a birth center, they all think my baby and I will die or something. Ugh. When I had DS I was induced, I was uneducated about a lot of things dealing with birth that I know about now, but also because he was leaving with the Army and I really wanted him here for the birth or I would be doing it alone. I was on full Pitocin and had my water broken and went natural that way for 14 hours! The Pitocin made my contractions a lot stronger, longer, and nearly back to back. I just needed the epidural but the midwives say if I went that long on Pitocin I'll have no problem going all natural. I don't really have a set birth plan, they seem pretty open and like they are actually caring and listening to what I'm saying so I will just talk to them about what I want and I'm sure things will go okay. Do you have a birth plan? What kind of stuff do you want/not want? I am REALLY hoping for a water birth! That's like the top of my list. I just want DH there, and I want to be checked by the midwives as little as possible. I will have music and probably have the lights low, maybe candles. Still working on my 'plan'

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