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March 6th, 2013, 10:11 AM
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Originally Posted by UrbanMomma View Post

Like I said before, I know its not about the people, but I cant stand next to LaKeisha who is cheatin on her husband with a deacon, walkin in church after playing her lottery numbers at the corner store and just getting in from the club last night smellin like liquor knowing she about to go sing in the choir..........
I used to struggle with this. But after marrying a pastor, I have come to realize, that this is what church is for. If we didn't have church for these people, then who would we have church for? It isn't for "good" people, but to offer a place to grow and mold everyone. No matter how good they try to pretend to be. I see a lot from my seat. I see the entire congregation's struggles. And I try to do my best to live my life "out there" with no secrets so that it doesn't look like I'm not living an authentic life.

I do think it is important to consider these things in a pastoral role. My husband does his best to help people work through those times. It's one thing to sin, but to live in perpetual sin (for example refusing to leave an affair) is another. But what are we to do as Christians to love a Christian who lives in perpetual sin? How do we love them through that? Do we let that come between us and our Christian community? Do we just sit here and point fingers? Usually people who are living in perpetual sin have a void. It may take a lifetime to help see them through it. But I feel like that is what we are here for as a church. That is what a community of Christians is for. Yes, we come together to worship and learn, but there is more to church (I believe) than coming together to get something from God for ourselves. If that was the only reason I went to church, I would not go. But there is a spiritual formation for the entire community that takes a lifetime that we can gain from loving and supporting one another through our faith.
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