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March 6th, 2013, 10:13 AM
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I tested positive and I think my odds were 32 out of 100 for testing positive with further testing.

I had a detailed ultrasound to look at physical structures (though the biggest one like the nose we could not see because baby was being stubborn). Then I did the blood test. I was adamant that I did not take any risks with complicating the pregnancy using amnio centesis.

I opted for the harmony blood test and it came back negative I did not have a vanishing twin. My midwife said that why I got a positive result was because we didn't know the exact date of conception and have been making very good educated guesses. Even being off by a few days can alter the results.

I think that if you get an ultrasound that shows the nose/face and do Harmony you will be able to get your answer with just as much accuracy as the amnio testing.

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