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March 6th, 2013, 10:29 AM
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I'm suprised at how many extra loads of laundry I am doing with just one tiny baby added to the family.
Also, leaving the house takes a bit longer for us because as soon as we are ready to leave she wants to eat, and then needs a diaper change, and we end up being late. But as soon as we get to where we are going I have to excuse myself into another room because she's ready to eat again.

I'm suprised at how much I can open my heart to her. I'm suprised at how DH loves her and how it makes me love him even more than before. She can keep me up all night crying and feeding but as soon as I spot one of her little smiles it becomes completely okay with me. It's like as soon as she smiles at me, I'm no longer tired or anything.. Just happy.
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