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March 6th, 2013, 12:10 PM
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I'm jumping in for from the July DDC. I originally was given a number of a 1:14 chance of downs. Since I was 35 at the time, I had the option to take the maternit21 test at the same time as the first trimester screening. This test came back negative for t21,18,16. My doctor told me not to worry since the t21 test was very accurate, but she sent me to the hi risk doctor anyway. There I found out I have super low papp-a levels. I've had two ultrasounds with a hi risk doctor. The first two were normal except the doctor couldn't get a good look at the heart. My next ultrasound with him is on Monday. I am hoping we are all clear of markers. I did refuse the second trimester screening. I had to many numbers already scaring the crap out of me, so I didn't need anymore. I figured I would wait for the ultrasounds-which so far have been normal. I have also refused an amnio. I don't plan to terminate and I just think the amnio is too risky for me. I will admit I am terrified that there is something wrong with this baby, but I am trying to remain positive since even 1:14 - my odds are still kind of good.....If you have any questions for me, just PM me.

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