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March 6th, 2013, 04:07 PM
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Hi Moms! I'm new here, what a great way to get to know you all and hear of your wonderful babes! Here's my info:

Your Name: Emilie

Baby's Name: Olivia Antoinette

Baby's Age: 6 months and 3 days

Summary of recent milestones: Baby is trying solids for the first time, Loves Peas! Scooting backwards, (hasn't figured out forwards yet lol) or rolling her way around the house. She's getting so close to crawling! She got up on her hands and knees this morning. Can't quite sit alone yet but so close to that as well!

How are you doing? I am so happy! I never thought motherhood would be so rewarding and fulfilling. Olivia was an unexpected child, my husband and I were dead set on not having children and were told I was infertile. 13 years of being together later (6 married) Olivia was born and she is such a blessing.

How is your precious baby doing? Olivia is well, having a very hard time falling asleep at night at a reasonable hour but is such a happy baby and a joy to have.
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