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March 6th, 2013, 05:01 PM
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You son kinda sounds like me when I was younger. I had ADD and a lot of similar symptoms. I was eventually put on medicine and that really helped me once older. But (not all sure what) I know there are lots of things to help and try and work with kids that possibly may have ADD. I'm not sure that what it is of course, but he sounds a lot like me - the not being able to help it especially and then the being discouraged about not wanting to do something again for fear of being disciplined for something I felt like I couldn't control. It was VERY frustrating to me as a child growing up! I'd go to my room sometimes and just cry because I wanted to do good but felt like I couldn't and didn't know what to do to help myself.

My mom was more like me so it was very difficult to try and sometimes talk with her. But, my dad was more calm and very easy to talk to. What helped me sometimes was when my dad (or my mom but especially my dad since he was more laid-back) gave me one on one attention and asked me to talk - tell them what I'm feeling and sometimes just a big hug while I was talking. And, nothing to try and interrupt that time until I was finished talking. Then, if it was something my dad/mom thought need discussing or wasn't the most appropriate then they would discuss it AFTER I finished talking. Also like Erica said - writing things down sometimes helped also. But, if you son doesn't like writing, try having them draw things to express his feelings. My parents tried social therapy (or something like that) when younger to try and have them help me with these issues prior to me being put on medicine. And, one thing that the counselor/therapist usually did was have me draw things. I wasn't good at drawing but it was a GREAT way for me to express my feelings! Good luck Ginger - hang in there mama!!
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