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March 6th, 2013, 07:09 PM
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To be a candidate for the IUI treatment, your ovaries must be able to produce normal quality eggs, your Fallopian tubes must be patent and there should be no history of male factor infertility.
That is the actual quote ^

i am contacting REs that do both IUI and IVF (JIC) and ran across this with one of them I wanted to use. I'm confused. No MF issues at all? Or??? I contacted them so I hope to get an answer soon. I also added DH's last SA.

So I am hoping that maybe switching clinics will pull me through my funk. We haven't gotten the greatest care but you get what you pay for in this case. So I am looking elsewhere. I am hoping no matter where we go, they treat *dh* because I feel like he is the main concerns and ironically he's been neglected. His freaking urologist is a joke and hasn't even emailed him back when we asked months ago why his hormones weren't checked

Also where is the IVF page that has the stats? I lost it
I think for the bay area they were good... Although the bay area CA was a joke IMO. Seems like the stats were not very impressive.

I am sinking into the TTC dark abyss I think. I am hoping it's just end of cycle crash but I am pretty pissed and upset this cycle. I think the m/c has some to do with it and how + I was feeling.
Sorry to rant and babble....
Hopefully I can forget all this and get a BFP this cycle. If not I need some hope.
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