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March 6th, 2013, 08:30 PM
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so im schedualed to do this in 2 weeks in the oct playroom but im sick of waiting that long so i guess ill be doing 2 of them lol

there was getting up 1st breakfest and a couple diper changes before mommy got up the gumption to find the camera

mommy put me in my new bumbo while she gets things ready

1st she makes her the gallon

after she cleans a little i decide bumbos are for lossers and I want to be held

so we pack my diaper bag (which takes longer then normal cuz I pooped on all my backup clothes yesterday so mommy had to put togeter 3 whole outfits....I poop on things alot)

then I decide being held is for lossers and I want to play with daddy

so mommy feeds the kittys

makes snacks

cooks lunch (daddy gets leftover spagetti)

and makes breakfest (mmmmmm cheesse omolettes)

hey wait if you guys are eating i get second breakfest

gosh mommy fold my clothes what have you been doing all morning

final play time with daddy before the dreaded getting ready

the shampoo my doctor gave me so I dont look lik a lizard looks weird

I hate clean the baby days all these weird creams appear and these mid evil torture devices called "q-tips"


there was third breakfast and some more diaper changes and I actually conked out for my morning nap then me and mommy are off for the day so daddy can work

these are mommys favorite kind of days since we dont have any errands to run we get to go to the library

she reads while I "follow along"

then I "read" to her

allright enough of that

time for 1st lunch

Mommy reads this while I take my I ate so much I had to have 3 diaper changes before I was finished nap

I woke up and had second lunch then we went to the park

I like the swings

the bounceing bugs are kinda cool to

then mommy ate in the park boring

then we looked at toys

then I had 1st dinner and mommy took me to watch the ocean

then we went to another store and looked at more toys And my favorite display ever SKYLANDER GIANTS

then I had 2nd dinner and we went home to see my Favorite person in the world DADDDDYYYYYYY (why you messin with my daddy time)

now im haveing 3rd dinner while mommy posts this

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