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March 6th, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Hi, my name is Dez, well my nickname is anyways. I believe i'm pregnant. I had a miscarriage last year and i'm currently having signs of pregnancy more then i did last year. It's just the process of finding a doctor who will listen to me and help me so i don't lose this baby like the last one. My hormones are wonky, was told that by a specialist, so it messes with pregnancy hormones so i normally get a lot of negative pee tests. I have to have a blood test done to be for sure but all the doctors i see wont do a blood unless i get a positive pee test. Which last year i never got a positive and then had the miscarriage and they were all like, oh you were pregnant. Anyways. IDK if maybe i'm freaking out but, for the first time i had a food aversion, last year i didn't have one. So far my list is, nausea, frequent urination, food aversion, missed period, tender breasts....a lot of friends and family have asked if i'm pregnant do to these things they have noticed, but i'm just hoping i'm wrong, i don't need a baby right now but i would be oh so happy at the same time cause i have wanted one for so long. anyone have any suggestions or comments, i'm more scared and freaked out then anything else right now.

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